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How Deep is it? Could you reach the depths of God’s love? Could you swim to the bottom of it? No one has… Are our sins really deeper than his mercy? Are we going to receive blessings and a good life because we did good in the past? The answer is, God can change your life around and bless it to the point where you turn round in awe of this undeserved affection and say “I love that God”. I’ve seen this from God healing my past and restoring my brokenness. And these songs share that exploration and re-affirmation that “where sin increase, grace increased all the more”.

Born into a pastors home, my parents were born in Argentina and England, with Italian, Spanish and Irish mixed in.

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The musical work which was presented in Barcelona was of  great quality and of a deep spirituality. Undoubtedly, his testimony in Christ is real and of blessing.

Conozco a Evan hace varios años, pero desde el primer día que lo vi pude darme cuenta que es un hombre de Dios. Tuvimos la oportunidad de estar con el en Houston Texas y allí pude ver su corazón, un hombre preocupado por agradar a Dios, un adorador, un siervo dispuesto a dar lo mejor de él para Jesucristo y parar la iglesia actual. Algo que puedo destacar de Evan y que lo note al hablar con él y es sabiduría. Creemos firmemente que Evan Robert lleva el nombre de un avivador porque seguramente Dios lo está preparando para aportar mucho al reino de Dios. Hay un nuevo tiempo, una nueva ola que se esta levantando y Evan viene en ella. En Jesucristo. Pablo Salvador Rocco. Pastor Evangelista. Presidente y fundador del Ministerio evangelistico Jesus es tu paz y autor del libro Aliento de Vida. Quilmes. Buenos Aires. Argentina.

Thank you Evan Roberts for your visit to ISLR-Sugarland, TX (Church on the Rock) this year! It’s so beautiful to worship the LORD, our GOD together in one spirit. You have a God-Gifted talent as a musician, worshipper, composer and it’s so wonderful that you use it all for HIS Glory!! A joy to hear your testimony being so far away from your home in Oxford, UK coming to Houston, Texas and your views on life with a powerful message; in an Argentine-England way!! Great to see how beautifully God works in all our lives around the world! Please come back to visit again anytime! Blessings!! ISLR Sugarland,TX

Iglesia Sobre La Roca Sugarland, Texas

Having left a comfortable family-owned job in the beautiful city of Oxford to pursue my calling in Houston Texas.  God has called me to break chains, heal the broken hearted and free the depressed from depression through Holy Spirit inspired songs. I believe that there is healing power when you can know Jesus personally.

There’s a thread of music running through my family. My father studied composition and our family run a piano business. My great grandfather was a pianist at the silent movies. And my granddad meet his wife at music college.

My parents then taught me piano from a very young age. But wasn’t until the age of 18 in Buenos Aries Argentina that I took up a passion for music. God had been calling me for a long time but I slowly gave attention to his call as the volume of need rose. The world is in desperate need of light, of God’s love and I hope these songs can be part of the flame that leads a generation in the right direction. Towards Jesus, I only want to share in the spoils of His glory.

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