Being Alone for a Time May be God’s Plan

God will be glorified in our lives. He is the one who gives us strength, ultimately He brings us into family. Yet, we cannot be frustrated if we are alone for a while. And it may be a good thing. As long as it does not become a permanent reality.

David – was taken into the wilderness alone. He started out alone, then people came to him at the caves. Trust was hard to build, they once wanted to kill him.

Moses – was taken into the wilderness for a long period of time, 40 years to be precise. In his lonely time in the mountain God spoke to him. Clarity, comes from dimming down the noise around us, being alone for a time a day. Alone but with God.

John the Baptist – A New Testament example of God sending someone out alone into the wilderness. He lived a bizarre lifestyle. Ultimately people came out to see John, his extreme lifestyle attracted many crowds. He continued as a nomad until arrest, even after Jesus ministry had started. Jesus our saviour was not the crowd he was supposed to be with. He was meant to serve at the Galilee. In John’s case, his ‘people’ were those God had given him. We may feel the inferior leader sometimes, but God is gracious to use us.

Joseph – spent a long period alone. We know little of his relationships whilst as a slave and as a prisoner. We know he was approachable when we read he asked to interpret dreams. Yet he was an outsider in a different culture where Jews were seen as inferior. We know little of his aides in the palace. We see a strong man, independent and able to manage, but little of his relationships.

God can use a time of loneliness. Do not despise it. Carve out an hour, two perhaps 30 minutes if you have a demanding job. See what God wants to do in this time of your life. Ultimately God designed the 12 tribes as groups to belong to. As Jesus Culture’s Banning Leibscher says. We will ultimately find, or be found by our family. But focus on Jesus during your loneliness.

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