Houston, TX songwriter

Writing songs is about rhyme, but also about structure. Simetry, imagery, rhetoric and other devices make up a good lyric as well as melody, music, harmony, tension and release. Songwriting can become a craft through understanding and knowledge, always led-by-the-hand of inspiration, through the spirit of God.

If you need help with your song, get in touch. I'd like to meet you, help you and see where your journey might take you.

My song 'This Isn't Built to Last' was featured on UCB undiscovered radio's undiscovered tape release 2015 of the top undiscovered christian singers in the UK.

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Written songs for his local church since his youth, God called Evan in his youth to serve him. To bring his spirit to places where he could never go. And that's the power of worship.

And I want to help you do the same. Bring God to people wherever they are. Express your true voice before God. And know your impact, see people touched.

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